Project Description

Agency: Freelance
Client: Musician Mike Mentz
Role: Director, Cinematographer, and Producer

I’ve been shooting live multi-camera videos for Mike for years. When we decided to shoot a music video for one of his pre recorded songs – we wanted it to be special. To capture the “life passes you by” thrust of the song I proposed we use a trick to warp time. This entire video (sans the drone shots) is shot as a hyperlapse, time lapse photography shot WHILE the camera moves. Mike was a great sport about holding still or moving super slowly. The day-to-night hyperlapse at the office desk required him to stand at the window for nearly two hours. I’m especially proud of this one.


Music Video of the Year

2018 Oregon International Film Awards

Official Selection

2018 Los Angeles Film Awards

Official Selection

2018 Cardiff Mini Film Festival